Hi there !

In June 2019, I received a Ph.D. in applied mathematics of the University of Grenoble Alps under the supervision of Jean-Baptiste Durand and Anne Guérin-Dugué. My PhD was funded by the label of excellence PERSYVAL-lab and was the result from the cooperation between three different laboratories : Inria, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann, GIPSA-lab. I am now open for positions lying in the field of my research interests.

My PhD thesis allied cognitive sciences and statistics and interested in jointly modeling and analyzing eye-movement and electroencephalogram (EEG) data acquired from a set of subjects carrying out a press-review reading task. The goal was to characterize different states, or reading strategies, given eye-movement data in order to highlight different EEG patterns. To this end, we proposed a statistical model that deals with a wide range of data types (discrete variables, continuous variables, multivariate time series, text) and that stays easily interpretable to better understand the way the human brain processes data.

As a result, during my PhD, I:

With a background in computer science, I gained a Master's-degree in ‘knowledge discovery in databases’ from the University of Lyon. There, I met some great individuals and teachers, who shared their passion for research and it became my encouragement to pursue this field. I try to impart the same amongst my first batch of students, whom I started teaching in September 2016.

Research interest